• Rebecca B.

    "Alison is a calm and generous soul. She is thoughtful considerate and incredibly knowledgeable. She takes a holistic approach and has magical powers, it seems like! Her reiki and shamanic journey with me was profound and moving. I felt more connected to myself and my power afterward. I highly recommend her services! She has a soft gentle voice and a big, warm heart. You will love the experience!"

  • Elise L.

    "Alison is a gifted healer and her skills are amazing! I have had two seperate experiences with Alison so far. My experience with reiki was very healing. Her energy was incredible. It was exactly what I needed in a time of transition. I also experienced a journey at the end of my last pregency. Alison helped me to connect with my baby and listening to what she needed to come into this world. Her compassion and no-judgmental approach allowed me to be open and experience what I (and my daughter) needed too."

  • John Z.

    "When I first heard about Alison's impressive credentials, I was skeptical. However, after experiencing her unique and holistic approach to healing, I am now a believer. Alison's ability to seamlessly integrate these different modalities into a comprehensive approach to healing is truly impressive, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a deeper level of healing and personal growth."

  • Anonymous

    "My last session with Alison was absolutely incredible and it was the first time I have ever felt like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She is exceptional. She is blessed with the ability to make you feel comfortable. We need more people just like her"

  • Karen S.

    "Ali is a sensitive, peaceful guide offering gentle guidance and encouragment on my IFS journey. Her understanding of IFS and how parts interact facilitates my ability to understand my own internal system and Self. As a trained IFS Pratitioner, I feel Ali's presence with me, I see the results of her own inner work and feel the impactful experience of her leading our sessions from Self. I wholeheartedly recommend IFS and Ali for anyone on the healing path."